Non-toxic teething toys for maximum relief

Teething regularly begins around 4-6 months of age, and it's dreadful by any stretch of the imagination. Not for you and unquestionably not for your poor infant. A teething infant generally begins putting everything, and I mean everything they find in their mouth trying to get some relief. Teething toys are an extraordinary method to calm your child's aching gum and it will spare your infant's fingers (and yours!) from those sharp chomps. There's a ton of cool teething toys available. Some are shabby, some costly, some innovative and some toxic. Some of them are in reality brimming with frightful poisons and hurtful chemicals. With regards to toys that go into your little sweetie's mouth, you ought to be extremely particular. You'll need to ensure that the teether you decide for your infant is non-toxic and won't drain any chemicals in their little bodies.
Your baby’s teething gums are probably itching a lot from all those new teeth. Here are a few hazardous substances that you should keep away from your little one.
Bisphenol A- This is an industrial chemical which is often used in plastic containers which store food and water bottles. Some researchers have found that this chemical can seep into the food or beverages its carrying and this can have possible negative effects on brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.
PVC- This might be a very commonly used chemical but it is very toxic in nature as it releases Dioxins and other volatile organic compounds that are extremely hazardous to humans, animals and the natural environment.
Phthalate- This is a chemical that is added to plastic to make it more flexible and pliable. As your baby bites plastic toys, these chemicals can leak out and seep into your baby’s mouth over time.

There are several other alternatives to teething toys which can work miracles to help your child relieve from teething. Some of them are-
Frozen banana- Try putting a slice of frozen banana on the gums of your baby for a minute or two. The coldness in the banana slice will numb the pain in the gum as it thaws out.
Cold spoon- Put a spoon in a refrigerator or the freezer sometime until it is cold and then take the cold spoon and put it on your baby’s gums. Just like the frozen banana slice, the cold in the mouth will ease the pain.
Hard biscuits- Unsweetened hard biscuits are great as a pain reliever and teething toys for your baby.
Massage- Use your fingers to massage your baby’s gums gently a few times baby care in a day.
Brush- Give a toothbrush to a baby to chew on when they are teething.

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